About AHLF

Those who knew Alex Hudson well would agree that she was full of life, strong-willed and had an unwavering desire to help others. With a smile on her face she excelled in school, on the field and within her community. She lived for her faith and wanted nothing more than to bring happiness to those around her.

At the young age of 12, however, Alex’s quality of life began to decline. For ten years, she suffered from excruciating physical ailments and was given countless misdiagnoses from the medical community. It wasn’t until May of 2017, that she was finally tested for, and diagnosed, with Lyme Disease and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, a common co-infection that often accompanies Lyme. For a whole year, Alex remained hopeful that she’d beat the disease and become a pillar of advocacy for the Lyme and MCAS community; unfortunately, her body had endured too much, and she passed away in March of 2018.

Despite the suffering she endured, Alex devoted the remainder of her life to learning all she could about Lyme and MCAS. She expressed to her mother, Jody Hudson, that she wanted to help others find a cure, and was determined to do everything she could to achieve her goal. For 22 years, Alex inspired others with her infectious personality and unwavering determination, and now her spirit lives on through the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation (AHLF). 

Formed shortly after her death, AHLF is dedicated to not only advocating awareness for the Lyme community, but also raising funds for proper treatment and testing specific to MCAS. Through collaborations with other Lyme organizations like Global Lyme Alliance, LivLyme Foundation, Focus on Lyme, and  Lyme Light Foundation, the AHLF team is passionate about assisting the Lyme and MCAS community the same way that Alex would have helped those around her: with love, compassion and an understanding heart. Life is a precious gift, and the AHLF team wants to make sure that everyone gets to make the most of it.

For more information about getting involved with our community awareness events, or assisting in fundraising efforts, please contact our team at alexhudsonlymefoundation@gmail.com.