Alex’s Story

On March 24, 2018, the world lost Alex Hudson to Lyme Disease and Mast Cell
Activation Syndrome (MCAS). A vibrant 22-year-old girl, Alex had the whole world
waiting for her. With a full ride scholarship to UCLA, Alex was eager to further her
education and tackle the world with her energetic spirit and vibrant mind.

Unfortunately,after a ten-year battle with Lyme and MCAS, her life ended abruptly; leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of everyone whom she met.For nearly a decade, Alex visited countless doctors, underwent numerous tests, received multiple misdiagnoses, and suffered immensely. While many medical professionals often deemed her a “medical mystery,” she never lost hope and finally received a proper Lyme and MCAS diagnosis in 2017. While her family and friends were grateful for concrete answers, many feared the disease had already taken a significant toll on her body. Alex passed away less than a year later.

One of Alex’s last wishes was to help educate her community, and help fund proper
testing, for those suffering from Lyme and MCAS. After she passed, Alex’s mother, Jody
Hudson, and a team of women came together to help form The Alex Hudson Lyme
Foundation. Dedicated to spreading awareness about Lyme Disease and raising funds
for research and proper testing specific to MCAS, the AHLF team is passionate about
being advocates for those affected by such a tumultuous disease.


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