Alex’s Story

Alex Hudson


Passionate and full of life, Alex Hudson was a blessing to everyone that knew her. A Central Valley native, she was an avid sports enthusiast, an academic scholar and a dedicated philanthropist. Alex had a servant’s heart and the disadvantaged became her passion.  Most Sunday nights, Alex would drive the streets of Fresno passing out meals to the homeless. With a full ride scholarship to UCLA and a heart moved by the spirit of giving back, Alex planned on helping others to not only diagnose, but treat Lyme disease, the very illness that would later take her life.

Prior to Alex’s 12-year battle with Lyme disease, she was an all-star athlete and mastered all sports- soccer, softball, basketball, track, volleyball, and cheer.  In first grade, she was known as the “silver bullet” for her speed on the track. Her outstanding athleticism garnered the attention of other schools, and her scholastic achievements helped set the tone for larger projects she’d tackle later in life.

It wasn’t until she began to experience unusual joint pain in her ankles and shins that she and her family began a long series of doctor’s visits and painful procedures that would eventually deem her a “medical mystery” by the early age of 10. For nearly a decade, Alex lived in chronic pain; but she never ceased to smile, she kept her Catholic faith strong and she always lent a helping hand towards others.

Alex became her own advocate. Feeling frustrated by a lack of diagnosis and being labeled a “medical mystery”, Alex started researching various diseases and medical conditions. In 2017, Alex and her mother made a trip to Los Angeles where it was confirmed that she not only had Lyme disease, but also Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This immunological condition caused her body to have an allergic-like reaction to almost anything she ate or drank, which had developed as a direct result of Lyme disease.

Once diagnosed with Lyme disease and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Alex and her mother began an extensive nationwide journey to find proper treatment. While there were more hospital trips, emergency procedures and more pain than ever before, Alex immersed herself in research and took comfort in her faith to bring her mind and body peace. Alex’s sole mission, besides trying to fight for her own health, was to help and educate others battling the effects of Lyme disease and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

On March 24, 2018, at the young age of 22, Alex’s body had battled enough and she lost the war to Lyme disease and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. While she’s no longer with us physically, her legacy and spirit live on through The Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation. The AHLF, founded by Alex’s mother and best friend, Jody Hudson, became a 501c3 on June, 2018.  

While Alex’s story is short, her mission to help others continues to be larger than life. Through awareness, education and funding, the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation will carry on Alex’s wishes of helping those who cannot fight for themselves.
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